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Cartoons From the Anthropocene Description – Spinning Wheel Press

Cartoons From the Anthropocene

What are cartoons from the Anthropocene?

Anthropocene. It’s a big word that’s unfamiliar to many, but carries a huge punch. Climate change, plastic pollution, mass extinction, emerging diseases, antibiotic resistance… it encompasses them all. Humans have created a big mess, and we need to solve it to survive and thrive in the coming decades. My folk art contributes to that cause, offering insightful snapshots of our situation that spark conversation and invoke empathy. We’re all in this together, and my unique work seeks to unite, bringing much-needed levity to a serious topic to make it less overwhelming and more workable.

My “Cartoons from the Anthropocene” are available as 11” x 14” fine art prints and greeting cards. And, now available for purchase, as a 2020 wall calendar that will inspire you all year long!

I also accept one-of-kind commissions to focus on a topic of particular interest and import to you to hang on your wall and show your commitment, or share more widely, in public venues, to promote your cause. For more information about this special opportunity, contact me today!

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