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Portraits of Furry Friends Description – Spinning Wheel Press

Portraits of Furry Friends

What are portraits of furry friends?

Many of us are lucky enough to have them: furry friends who brighten up our lives, infusing our days with joy, humor, and meaning. I have four: a “foodie” cat named Yeti (who loves parties), a multi-toed cat named Bigfoot (who “nurses,” like a kitten, on my robe), a skittish cat named Piper (who’s the most affectionate of the bunch, when she chooses to be), and a Samoyed dog named Mush (whose shenanigans keep us on our toes!). I can’t imagine life without them!

My “Portraits of Furry Friends” folk art celebrates our precious companions, offering an amusing peek into their wonderful selves. They’re available as 11” x 14” fine art prints and greeting cards. And now available: A 2020 wall calendar that will make you smile all year long!

I also accept commissions to transform a favorite photo of your pet into a fine art portrait to hang on your wall and share with friends, OR, if you really want to ramp up your game, I'll create a one-of-a-kind cartoon, featuring your pet’s unique personality! For information about these special opportunities, contact me today!    

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