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About Ruthy Ballard – Spinning Wheel Press

Dr. Ruth Ballard by Day...

Ruthy Ballard by Night!

Ruthy Ballard is a children's book author, artist, and scientist who lives and works in Sacramento, California. By day, she is “Dr. Ruth Ballard,” a professor and forensic biologist who serves as a consultant in criminal cases involving DNA evidence. By night, she romps in an imaginative world of color and words that has been her playground since childhood.

Ruthy is the author of Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy (coming summer 2020) and Tales by Moons-Light: Stories from Before the Great Melt (coming to bookstores in fall 2020). She is currently working on four additional books in her Tales by Moons-light series: Elvia and the Gift of Passion, Bubba and the Gift of Big Thoughts, How Piper Found Peace, and Timmy and the Rock from Star. 

Ruthy’s science-rich adventure stories are for young readers, but her creative ventures don’t stop there. She is also a folk artist whose colorful, unique "cartoons" delight and inspire the adult crowd.

Ruthy is married to a musician, Ernie Hills, and is the mother of two sons, three cats, and a Samoyed dog named Mush, all of whom appear in her stories, in various guises, from time to time.

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